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The Indulgence Checklist

I am a frequent traveler who loves to be indulged, in every way. From that perfect bed and pillow to a great cup of coffee, traveling should be a pleasure not a chore. We have enough chores at home.  And I have stayed in enough places which feature, sagging beds with lumpy pillows and the ambience of an all night diner, to know what I like. When I hit the road for business or pleasure, I like to indulge myself in the place I choose to visit and stay. If you’d like to be indulged,  you will want to be a frequent reader of this space. I guarantee to you that I have personally indulged myself in every place that appears on this website. Tough work if you can get it.


This indulgent traveler seeks to help you choose between the myriad of travel choices and come up with one that will make your stay truly memorable in all the right ways.


What I look for as basics:

  • A great bed. You know one when you find it!

  • A restful room where the wall paper doesn’t scream all night and neither do the neighbors

  • A bottomless cup of great coffee with real cream

  • Helpful  staff who can steer you where you want to go and leave you alone as well

  • Fast and free Wifi


Then there are the more  indulgent features:

  • A big bath tub

  • Plush towels

  • A cozy robe

  • Really good chocolates on your pillow

  • Nice soap and shampoo

  • Wine and cheese hour with the good stuff


And then you have the truly hedonistic:

  • Giant beds

  • Spa services in  your room

  • Breakfast in your room

  • Incredible dining

  • Once in a lifetime views and experiences

So if you want to be an indulgent traveler, pull up a chair and read on. And feel free to send me your stories of great places to stay that meet the indulgent traveler’s requirements.

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